Glenn Elston OAM – Artistic Director

Peter Amesbury – Production Manager

Jo Bloom – Head of Education Development

Sue-Ellen Shook – Choreographer

Paul Norton – Musical Director

Kaspa – Warehouse Co-ordinator

Design Junkies – Creative Design


Glenn Elston, Neale Warrington, Reverend David Peake, Rhett Martin, Anthony Rive (Actors Rep), Katherine Elston, Kamahi King, Barry Janes and Andrew Cullimore

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Like other theatre companies across the world, the ASC is facing devastating impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Graduate Players

A fantastic experience for anyone wanting to get a taste for performing Shakespeare with a professional theatre company!

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Tap into the experience and expertise of our company’s actors, directors and educators with our school incursions for Theatre Studies, Drama and English students.

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Workshops and Classes

Connect, Comprehend, Appreciate, Express and Inspire

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