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A performance event like no other. Be part of a small number of visitors from across Australia and the world who join Beswick-Wugularr Community to celebrate their vibrant culture. Once a year, for one night only, the ancient art of corroborree is interpreted with music, story, song and fire in the spectacular setting of Malkgulumbu on Jawoyn country.

The Wugularr Community invite you to Malkgulumbu (Beswick Falls), a hidden treasure on Jawoyn Land in the South West corner of Arnhem Land. An ancient playground for Aboriginal people, this incredible site is open to the public just once a year.

“With the moon rising over the sandstone ridge and shadows of the Aboriginal songmen and dancers flickering all around, we are on a journey older than any of us, one that began in the age of the Ancestors. It is a place of unforgettable beauty and tranquillity, with a deep sense of what is shared and how the land shapes us all.”
Jeff McMullen, Journalist, Filmmaker, Author

Camping is available over the weekend, BYO camping and fishing gear. No entry permit is required for this weekend only. Liquor is strictly prohibited on the site. The road to Beswick is sealed, but please ensure you have 4WD transport for the final leg from Beswick as it is a dirt track not normally used as a public access road.

Presented with Djilpin Arts.

(Images from 2015 Festival)

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