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Pack a Picnic, Pack the Kids and Join in the Fun!

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About the Show

Come along on a new adventure with Badger, Otter, Ratty, Mole and Head Chief Rabbit, as they set off to save Mr. Toad from the dastardly Weasel.

Mr. Toad is arriving home from jail today and all your favourite characters from Glenn Elston’s production of “The Wind in the Willows” will be there to take you on a new raucous romp along the riverbank as they prepare to celebrate Mr. Toad’s Birthday Party.

But, before the festivities can commence, we are shocked to discover two Mr. Toads have arrived at the party! Is it another Weasel plot to trick everyone into signing over Toad Hall to him?

This is interactive mayhem at it’s best and the fun escalates as the audience join all the animals trying to find the clues to unravel the mystery!

This is a laugh-out loud show full of birthday shenanigans the whole family will enjoy!

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