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"Bold, cheeky and courageous!"

Herald Sun

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About the Show

Much Ado About Nothing, draws on pop music, rock imagery, pantomime and sitcom. The result is not so much a play-within-a-play, as a play within a rock concert. Packed full of 90s pop & rock music, this musical production is wonderfully romantic, hilariously funny and truly rocks along!

It is an energetic and well executed romp where the spirit of rock n roll is moulded into one of the bards most entertaining plays. Bold, cheeky, courageous and self-effacing; this battle of the sexes rom-com takes flight in a version unlike any you've seen before!

Enjoy the summer tradition of Shakespeare Under the Stars and as the sun goes down, sit back, pop the cork and revel in this feel-good story where everyone lives happily ever after.

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