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"A swashbuckling family adventure!"

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About the Show

Captain Jack and the Caribbean Pirates is a swashbuckling adventure!

Join the most crazy and colourful pirates of the Caribbean as they tell their life stories on the high seas, battling for booty from passing merchant ships and living the pirate life to the fullest. Learn the pirate talk, do the pirate walk, sing the pirate songs and go on a treasure hunt to find the long lost treasure!

Meet Captain Jack Cutthroat, Major Key, Larry (who should be Sally) and the mysterious and magical Gypsy Pirate. Whose crew will you join? It’s a fight to the death so choose carefully!

Will we ever find the treasure map? Will the magical Gypsy Pirate reap her revenge on Captain Jack Cutthroat and have him keel hauled? Will Larry save Major Key? It’s up to you because you’re in the story!

This exciting hour-long interactive theatre production has lots of sword fights, songs and plenty of hearty pirate action. So don’t be a landlubber: get yourself ship-side and join in the perfect autumn holiday fun for the whole family.

Hot & cold drinks and light refreshments are available for purchase in the gatehouse located at the main gates of the Estate

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