Terms and Conditions


Ticket pricing + booking fees may vary between ticket retailers.

Booking confirmations and ticketing cannot be placed on hold and will not be issued until full payment is received.

Ticketing is categorised by the day of the week as “Off-Peak”or “Peak” ticketing. Prices will vary depending what day you would like to attend with “Peak” show ticketing being more expensive.

Ticket exchanges from an Off-Peak show to a Peak show will incur an additional charge for the excess of the ticket price.

Ticket exchanges from a Peak show to an Off-Peak show will not be eligible for a refund on the excess remaining balance. Your account may however, be credited.  

Ticket types cannot be adjusted once the order is confirmed. This includes adjustments between Children’s, Adult, Seniors, Concession, Under 30 ticketing or Group of 4 bookings in the case of children’s events. Please read the ticket descriptions thoroughly and select your desired ticketing carefully.

Tickets and booking confirmations may only be issued to the original purchaser/credit card holder.

The ASC is not liable for customer errors made at checkout. We do not issue refunds for the accidental over purchase of tickets, however you may receive a lifetime credit instead. Please carefully check your order before processing the transaction.

We cannot add tickets to an existing order once confirmed. A new order will need to be made online or over the phone, this will incur an additional booking fee for a new order. Please double check your quantities before confirming your order.

Ticketing discounts or special offers are subject to availability and will not necessarily be available for every show.

General admission ticketing for family events is priced for the admission of a Child. Adults, Seniors and other Concession holders receive the same price as a Child – therefore, no further price scaling exists for these events.

Our ticketing is primarily General Admission, except in the case of indoor events or A-Reserve Seating (Shakespeare mainstage only). Seating will therefore be a case of first in, best dressed.

We do not accept tickets for resale.

Void tickets are not exchangeable or refundable.

Tickets may not be purchased for the purpose of resale. The ASC reserves the right to refuse the sale of tickets to anyone suspected of purchasing for these means.

The Australian Shakespeare Company reserves the right to delay, stop, start and pause a performance as necessary, due to inclement weather, emergencies, hazards or technical issues. The ASC will not refund or credit ticket holders for such interruptions.

Concession, Student, Seniors, Proof of Age and Companion cards must be shown with your ticket upon entry. Failure to produce the requested card for your ticket type may result in additional fees.  



You are welcome to change your performance date/time before the start of the performance. Changes must be requested no later than 3 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the performance.

To request an exchange, please fill out our Change of Date Form HERE

You may also email your booking reference details and new requested performance date/time to us at: boxoffice@shakespeareaustralia.com.au

The ability to exchange tickets is subject to availability. Exchanges are not always possible and are not always guaranteed.



As a condition of sale, there are no ticket refunds or cancellations once your booking is complete except in accordance with the Australian consumer affairs law.  

If a performance is cancelled (for any reason, inclusive of weather), there will be no refunds issued. Ticket holders will be offered the option to exchange tickets for the date/time of an alternate performance or a life time credit applied to the ticket holders account for future use.

Refunds will only be issued in the case where a special event with only one performance is cancelled and the ticket holder is unable to attend their scheduled performance/there is no rescheduled performance.

If you have been instructed to isolate due to potential Covid-19 exposure in accordance with government Covid-19 regulation, you will not be eligible for a refund. Instead, you may receive an exchange or a life time credit.

The Australian Shakespeare Company predominately stages open air theatre, where both the stage and audience lawn are completely uncovered. Patrons therefore accept upon sale that weather, climate, temperature and light conditions are out of our control and may impact your experience with us. While we make every effort to complete each show, we reserve the right to stop, start, cancel and abandon shows as necessary – as in the case of a sudden weather event. Refunds will not be issued for experiences impacted my such occurrences and the ASC is not liable for any associated costs impacted to accommodation or transport etc.  


Credit Note

If you have purchased tickets and are unable to attend the performance or an alternate date/time we will issue you a lifetime credit. This credit may be used to purchase tickets for one of our future shows.

Credit notes may be issued if you are unable to attend an alternate date/time of a cancelled performance.

Credit notes cannot be reissued once already redeemed, excluding in the exceptional circumstance of an event cancellation.

Except in the instance of weather-related cancellations, credit notes will be issued for the ticket price, excluding booking or handling fees.


Gift Voucher

As a condition of sale, there are no refunds of gift vouchers once your booking is complete.

Gift vouchers may be redeemed on any Shakespeare mainstage, children’s or special event production.

By consumer law in Australia, gift vouchers expire after 3 years from the date of purchase.

Gift vouchers may be redeemed at the checkout while booking online, or over the phone.


Wet Weather Policy

The Australian Shakespeare company is looking out for you and our performers.  Performances will only be cancelled where the weather forecast poses a serious health and safety risk for all involved.

Ticket holders will be notified on the day, prior to the start of the performance via SMS and email if a performance has been cancelled. We try to provide our guests ample time between receiving the notification and their expected arrival at the venue, though under some circumstances this may not be possible.

If the Australian Shakespeare Company cancels a performance due to inclement weather, your tickets will be valid for another performance in the season or a show of the future.

If it is not possible for you to attend another performance during the same production season, we provide a credit note for the value of your tickets, excluding booking/handling fees. Credits with the ASC have no expiry.

Performances may still go ahead in the chance of light-medium rain and we will not issue a refund, exchange or credit to ticket holders that decide to not attend. If you would prefer to not attend on such a day/night, you are welcome to request a change of date by filling out this form HERE no less than 3 hours prior to the start of the performance.

The Australian Shakespeare Company reserves the right to delay, stop, start and pause and adjust a performance as necessary, due to inclement weather. The ASC will not refund or credit ticket holders for such interruptions.

Late Arrivals

Each performance will begin promptly at the advertised time. We understand that occasionally things don’t go to plan and you may arrive at the Venue late. We will do our best to admit you as soon as possible, though we do take in mind any disruption that may be caused to the performance or other guests and management may refuse admission in some cases.

If attending a show at the Gardens, the ASC is not responsible for patron’s ability to locate the performance area, although we endeavour to make directions as clear as possible. We will not refund, reissue or credit tickets for late arrivals. With this in mind, we encourage patrons to thoroughly plan your visit before attending and leave ample time for transport, parking and locating the lawn. Please note that the ASC signage will be limited around the Gardens due to venue restrictions.


The ASC may photograph the event or performance you attend. TheASC may take pictures of audience members. The ASC reserves the right to use those images as they see fit in marketing endeavours, on social media and on their website.

At the ASC’s discretion, changes may be made to the advertised program owing to circumstances beyond the company’s control. This includes casting changes.

The Australian Shakespeare Company reserves the right to stop, start and pause a performance as necessary, due to inclement weather, emergencies, hazards or technical issues. The ASC will not refund or credit ticket holders for such interruptions.

The ASC may choose to delay the advertised start time for reasons including inclement weather.

The ASC is not liable for any loss, theft or damage of personal belongings, other than caused by the result of the company’s negligence.


Children’s Events:

All outdoor children’s events are general admission ticketing, and ticketing is priced for the cost of admission of one child. This means, there is no alternative fee for admission or concession rate, and any adult will be admitted to the show for the price of a child.

Children over the age of 12-months old require a valid ticket for admission to the performance.

Parent’s admission is not inclusive in a children’s ticket.

Under no circumstance are children to be dropped off and picked up after the performance. Children attending the performance must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

All children’s performances are general admission, there is no priority seating available.

Ticket types cannot be adjusted once confirmed. Eg. 3 x General admission tickets cannot be swapped to a family ticket (approximately the same price) once the order has been confirmed.

Special Events

The ASC stages various one-off special events throughout the season. In the case where a special event is cancelled, the ticket holder is entitled to receive a refund only if the performance cannot be rescheduled or delivered at a later date/time.

If the performance is rescheduled for an alternative date/time but the ticket holder cannot/does not want to attend, a credit note will be issued instead.

At the venue: Codes of Conduct & Social Equity

The use of cameras, video and audio recorders and other recording devices is strictly prohibited during the performance and may be subject to copyright infringement or venue removal (without refund or compensation.)  

All forms of smoking, (cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vapes) are prohibited during the performance and throughout the Gardens. If you wish to smoke, we kindly ask you step outside of the venue.

Pets are not permitted at any of our venues, however registered service animals are welcome.

For your safety, it is a condition of entry that we may search your belongings at the time of entry to the Venue.

Please do not behave in a manner that may cause damage to the venue, property, natural surrounds or that threatens the safety of performers, staff and attendees.

The ASC acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land in the many locations we are lucky to perform. In respect and recognition of Elder’s past, present and emerging, we encourage patrons to be conscious of the land and nature that surrounds them. This means leaving the venue as you once found it - ensuring all rubbish/belongings are taken with you or appropriately disposed of and that local flora and fauna remain unharmed.

The Australian Shakespeare Company is dedicated to actively providing a safe, harassment and discrimination-free environment for all staff and attendees. We will not tolerate behaviour that reinforces toxic social structures that discriminate against race, gender, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, accessibility needs or religion. We take this matter seriously and reserve the right to remove anyone violating these rules without a refund or credit on tickets. If you are being harassed or notice such behaviour, we encourage you to report it to management.

Management reserves the right to refuse ticket holders admission to the venue in reasonable circumstances, which include health and safety, environmental or security concerns, licensing reasons, or where a ticket is void. The management also reserves the right to request ticket holders to leave the venue at any point on reasonable grounds and may take any appropriate action to enforce this right without refund.

Workshops & School Programs

Fees paid for attendance to a workshop or school program cannot be refunded due to change of mind, clashes in schedule, or illness. Instead, a lifetime credit may be applied to the account for use on any future workshops, school programs or performances by the ASC.

If a scheduled program is cancelled due to low enrolment, all monies accepted as fees will be fully refunded to the students affected by the cancellation.

Fees must be paid in full to reserve a place within a workshop or school program.

Fees must be paid in full prior to attendance of a workshop or school program.


Attendance during Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic:

The safety and wellbeing of our artists, crew, audience and the wider community is our number one priority and we have implemented heightened hygiene and safety measures.

At the performance/venue:

-       You must abide by all government guidelines.

-       Abide by all COVID-19 related staff instruction, signage and conditions.

-       Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres where possible.

-       Each guest aged 16+ must complete sign-in procedures upon arrival.

-       You must wear a mask when using restrooms.

You must not attend the performance/venue if you:

-       Believe you may be infected with coronavirus COVID-19

-       Are feeling unwell or are showing any number of coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms.

-       Are awaiting COVID-19 test results or have been directed to get tested.

-       Have been directed to self-isolate or quarantine.

-       Have not received full vaccination.

Any individual who considers themselves vulnerable or a close contact of someone who is, is advised to reconsider attendance.