It is not essential to bring anything, but General Admission ticket holders are welcome to bring a travel rug, chair or cushion to sit on – whatever you need to make yourself comfortable on the grass. A Reserve ticket holders do not need to bring chairs, your seats will be set up prior to your arrival on site.

Please note that low rise chairs at a maximum of 15cm from the ground can be used towards the front of the audience viewing area. If you bring a standard height chair, these will be placed at the rear of the audience viewing space.

Our productions take place outdoors and there is no cover. Please consider bringing a hat, coat, blanket, sunscreen and a water bottle when attending.

Please note that umbrellas cannot be raised during performance times.

Dressing up is optional and encouraged for all our shows!

Lost and Found – If you have lost an item at one of our productions, please call 03 8676 7511 (Melbourne) or 02 9011 7704 (Sydney) or email admin@shakespeareaustralia.com.au

If you find an item, please pass it onto one of our team members so hopefully it can be reunited with its owner.