Family Theatre

What to bring? (Family Theatre)

It is not essential to bring anything, but ticket holders are welcome to bring a travel rug, chair or cushion to sit on – whatever you need to make yourself comfortable on the grass.

Please note that low rise chairs at a maximum of 15cm from the ground can be used towards the front of the audience viewing area. If you bring a standard height chair, these will be placed at the rear of the audience viewing space.

Our productions take place outdoors and there is no cover. Please consider bringing a hat, coat, blanket, sunscreen and a water bottle when attending.

Please note that umbrellas cannot be raised during performance times.

Dressing up is optional and encouraged for all our shows!

Lost and Found – If you have lost an item at one of our productions, please call 03 8676 7511 (Melbourne) or 02 9011 7704 (Sydney) or email admin@shakespeareaustralia.com.au

If you find an item, please pass it onto one of our team members so hopefully it can be reunited with its owner.


Shakespeare Under the Stars: The gates to the performance area open 2 hours prior to the start of the show.

Family Theatre: For most of our family theatre shows the performance area opens 1 hour prior to the performance.

If you are planning a picnic, it is best to come early as some children’s performances move locations throughout the show. It is best to enjoy your treats before the show begins!

For Alice in Wonderland at the Athenaeum Theatre, the doors open at 9.40am (10am show) and 12.40pm (1pm show).

Where possible we will admit latecomers into the main audience viewing area at a suitable point in the performance. Should it become necessary for you to leave once the performance has started, we ask that you do so with consideration to the performers and other audience members.


On all our show pages you will find detailed information on how to best find the event site. Navigate to your show's page for more information via the Shows & Tickets link at the top of the page.

If you need help, you can call us on 03 8676 7511.

Which cast members will perform at which performance?

Like most plays and musicals, the cast of our productions are ensemble companies. The producers cannot guarantee the appearance of a particular artist at any performance. Appearances could be subject to many factors including illness and holidays.

No refunds or exchanges will be offered as a result of a cast member’s unavailability to appear at any given performance.

Photos & Filming

Shakespeare Under the Stars

You are allowed to take photos of the stage, as well as with your family and friends before the show.

However, so that the performers and audience are not impeded, you are not allowed to take photos during any part of the performance.

Children’s Shows

You are allowed to take photos of the stage and with your children before the show.  However, you are not allowed to take photos of the performance. After most shows, you will be welcome to take photos with the performers.

We understand that you’ll probably have your phone out prior, but ASC will appreciate you putting it on silent mode or turning it off during the performance.

Can I smoke onsite?

Our audience areas are smoke-free, especially at our family shows. Each venue has a different policy on smoking. Check out the venue information pages to know more.

What is a Companion Card Ticket?

This ticket is for carers and support works with a valid Companion Card.

This card is for people with significant and permanent disability who have a lifelong need for a high level of support to participate in community events and activities.

The card allows a person’s carer free entry into participating venues and events.

Companion Cards are part of a nationally run program that aims to promote a person’s right to fair ticketing and to make community access and participation more accessible and affordable.

When purchasing a Companion Ticket, please remember to bring your companion card with you so our box office team may sight it on arrival.

If you are not able to provide a valid companion card, you may be asked to upgrade your ticket to a different price type.

Are there chairs to sit on?

Chairs are not supplied either by the Production Company or Venue; however you are welcome to bring your own picnic/camping chairs.

We ask that if you bring a high rise chair elevated more than 15cm off the grass, you sit towards the back so you do not obstruct the view of other patron’s. Staff on site will be able to assist you.