ASC Access

The Australian Shakespeare Company believes in the importance of making theatre available to everyone. We understand the educational and social benefits of sharing our work with the entire community and strive to make this a reality. Theatre offers an opportunity for reflection on the past and present, as well as forward thinking to future possibilities. For this reason, our Access program encourages everyone to share in the rich work performed by the ASC.

Organisations the ASC have previously collaborated with include Camp Quality, Make a Wish, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne & Ronald McDonald House

ASC Engage

At the Australian Shakespeare Company, we strive to be part of local communities. We offer bridging opportunities for understanding and learning by bringing together groups and individuals through the power of live theatre, creating shared, wondrous, experiences.

Walking with Spirits

Walking with Spirits is an outstanding way to experience the heart and soul of the Northern Territory. Located 107 km south-east of Katherine, the exclusive weekend event features upcoming Indigenous musical talent, and acts from across the country and the region. Share in ancient ceremonies and vibrant culture on a land where it is said that the shadows of the Aboriginal song men and dancers flicker in the firelight. An array of family-friendly activities including dance, weaving workshops, local food, art and cultural museum tours are available for visitors. “Walking with Spirits is a story older than any of us.” With the moon rising over the sandstone ridge and the shadows of songmen and dancers flickering all around, we are on a journey that began in the age of the Ancestors.

For thousands of years, longer than anyone really knows, Aboriginal people have gathered at Malkgulumbu  (Beswick Falls) to sing, fish and play at this waterfall. The sandy banks around the lake are a favoured fishing place. While the fresh-water crocs keep their eyes on us, barramundi and black bream are watched by the eagles and hawks soaring above. We walk in through the rustle of the paperbarks and the creek ripples with its own music. Families settle by the campfires. There is a hush, a reverence for this unforgettable beauty and tranquility.”

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Community Events

Djarmalak - Come Together

Concerts on Country - A cultural crossover into the new world we all share today

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Djarmalak - Walking with Spirits

A cultural event unique to Djilpin Arts and the Beswick Community. Presented with Djilpin Arts.

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