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Sustainability Commitment

The Australian Shakespeare Company (ASC) is committed to operating sustainably, integrating eco-conscious practices across all facets of our operations. In our dedication to environmental responsibility, we have implemented a series of initiatives aimed at reducing our ecological footprint.

Across our venues, we prioritise sustainability by opting for recyclable and eco-friendly products in our bars, ensuring that our patrons can enjoy their experience while minimising the impact on the environment. In order to reduce paper usage, the ASC encourages patrons to opt for digital tickets; as well as using recycled paper in our daily operations.

Waste reduction is a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy. Our sustainability manager Syd Brisbane diligently works to minimise waste generation, championing efficient waste management systems and recycling programs at all ASC events. In the realm of costume design, we proudly repurpose and reuse garments, championing a circular fashion approach that minimises textile waste.

In terms of reducing carbon emissions, ASC uses almost 100% LED lighting, and have transitioned to electric vehicles around our sites wherever feasible. We are also looking to transition into solar-powered site lighting in the near future. By making these conscious choices, the Australian ShakespeareCompany strives to be a leader in the arts industry, demonstrating that cultural enrichment and environmental responsibility can harmoniously coexist.

Through these actions, we aim to inspire our community and industry peers to join us in preserving the beauty of our environment for future generations.