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8 - 11 May 2024
Athenaeum Theatre 2

About the Show

Viola, shipwrecked on the shores of Illyria, a tropical island resort, disguises herself as her twin brother, assumed drowned. What follows is a web of romantic entanglements and crazy encounters.

This short and snazzy retelling of Shakespeare's classic comedy plunges us into a world of mistaken identities, gender fluidity and ridiculous love triangles. A world where revelry and austerity butt heads with one another and melancholy can only be thwarted through the power of love... almost!

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8 - 11 May 2024

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Running Time

2 Hours

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Athenaeum Theatre 2

188 Collins Street

1 Hour Prior to Show

Venue Information
Ticketing FAQs

Ticket Prices

$25 per person

General Admission Price
(No concessions or children's prices available)

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Off Peak


Group of 4



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Ticket Exchanges

You can exchange your tickets up to 3 hours prior to the performance time.

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How does seating work?

All our outdoor shows are presented in the style of “Picnic Theatre”. This means you can bring along everything you would bring to a picnic such as food, drink and a picnic rug to sit on. You can bring standard height picnic chairs but you will need to sit at the back of the audience area so people sitting on blankets and low rise chairs can see the show unobstructed.

Chair hire is also available onsite for $5 for all Shakespeare Under The Stars performances. No pre-booking possible and there are limited numbers.

What is the A-Reserve Package?

How do I get there?

Each venue has its own information page with maps, directions, transport and other general information. You may find this page on the show page by clicking the button labeled, "Venue Information."

What time does the venue open?

Photos & Filming

You are allowed to take photos of the stage, as well as with your family and friends before the show. However, no photos or video are permitted during the performance.

Can I bring alcohol to Shakespeare Under the Stars?

Alcohol may be brought to the Southern Cross Lawn along with your picnic.

You may also purchase beer, wine or sparkling by the glass or bottle from our bar on-site.

There will also be a range of pre-mixed drinks and non-alcoholic options available from our bar.

How do I request a date change?

Ticket exchanges are sometimes necessary for our patrons due to weather conditions, family illness or unexpected emergencies. You can exchange tickets for another performance date, subject to availability (conditions apply). If a performance is cancelled due to weather, you are eligible for a lifetime credit note for the face value of your tickets. This is valid for any ASC production in Australia.

For MAINSTAGE performances, all exchanges must be made 3 hours prior to the performance start time.

For FAMILY THEATRE performances, all exchanges must be made 1 hour prior to the performance start time.

Please fill out our Ticket Exchange Form to request a date change.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Earliest notification of a cancelled performance will be on-the-day of the performance.

Usually, performances proceed if there is light, misty drizzle. However, from time to time, it will be necessary to cancel a performance.

If a performance is to be cancelled, patrons will be notified via text message and email.

Earliest notification for a MAINSTAGE PERFORMANCE: 2-3 hours prior to the start of the show

Earliest notification for a FAMILY THEATRE PERFORMANCE: 1-2 hours prior to the start of the show

Guests will be able to exchange their tickets for another night, or receive a credit note for future ASC performances.

If you are nervous about a performance proceeding in mild inclement weather, you may exchange your tickets for an alternate date using the Date Change Request form on our website.  

Why do weather cancellations happen last minute?

We cannot gather accurate and up to date weather data from the Bureau of Meteorology until approximately 2 hours prior to the start of each show.

We closely monitor rain maps and radars to assess whether or not the predicted forecast will eventuate as planned, be delayed, change directions or disperse.

In addition to this, the current El Nino pattern adds another layer of complexity to assess for cancellations. It means that sudden weather changes are more likely and thus, advance warning from the Bureau of Meteorology for some weather events has been compromised.

We ask for your patience and understanding in these circumstances while we do our best to make the, "right call." We will continue to do our best to give you as much warning as we can, while also avoiding cancellations where possible. 

In the event of a cancellation, customers will be notified by a text message and an email, and a public notice will be placed on the home page of the website.

What is a Companion Card Ticket?

This ticket is for carers and support works with a valid Companion Card.

This card is for people with significant and permanent disability who have a lifelong need for a high level of support to participate in community events and activities.

The card allows a person’s carer free entry into participating venues and events.

Companion Cards are part of a nationally run program that aims to promote a person’s right to fair ticketing and to make community access and participation more accessible and affordable.

When purchasing a Companion Ticket, please remember to bring your companion card with you so our box office team may sight it on arrival.

If you are not able to provide a valid companion card, you may be asked to upgrade your ticket to a different price type.

Are there chairs to sit on?

Chairs are not supplied either by the Production Company or Venue; however you are welcome to bring your own picnic/camping chairs.

We ask that if you bring a high rise chair elevated more than 15cm off the grass, you sit towards the back so you do not obstruct the view of other patron’s. Staff on site will be able to assist you.

What time does the performance start?

The performance start time is the marked time on your ticket and booking confirmation, it is not the venue opening time.

Can I get a refund if I or someone in my booking is unwell or has Covid-19?

If you cannot attend for any of the above reasons, please contact the Box Office and we will happily change your ticket to another date or issue you with a lifetime credit.

Notification of illness and no attendance must be made no later than 1-hour prior to the start of the show for Family Theatre and 3-hours prior to the start of Under the Stars events.

No refunds will be issued for illness.