Djarmalak 2021 - Due to current COVID restrictions, this Festival has been cancelled.

A message from Djilpin Arts:

Djilpin Arts has a great reputation for presenting genuine on-country, experience-based festivals and events.

From Walking With Spirits to Concerts on Country to Djarmalak.

Our events are deliberately small, to invite authentic and intimate engagement with remote Indigenous people and culture.

Visitors sit with women weavers and have their hands guided to the pandanus fibre; men pass dijeridus and learn the art of circular breathing; traditional dancers invite the audience to dance with them, side by side, and kick up the dust. Your children run and play with local children. Food is shared, stories are told, connections are made.

We can’t make Djarmalak (Come Together) what it is without this engagement. We can make it Covid Safe but it won’t be the same event. And Covid Safe is not 100% in any setting, so we’ve decided not to take the risk, or to impact the integrity of our event and the health of our community by trying to.

We look forward to announcing a new event date when it’s safe to Come Together.