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Planning A Date with the ASC

Posted on 5 November 2015

The perfect date night

The Australian Shakespeare Company's outdoor theatre productions offer the perfect way to impress that special someone this summer. So, if you are planning a romantic day or night out just follow these simple steps and your beloved is sure to swoon.

Step 1. Book tickets here. If you can whip out the tickets before the show, you will look majorly classy.

Step 2. The picnic. This is the make or break really. Relationships have begun and ended over a picnic spread, so don't let yourself down. You can purchase wine, beer, spirits, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, soft drink, chips, chocolate and lollies on site at the candy bar, so that saves a bit of running around on the day. If you want to look uber cool, go to the shops and pick up some bread, dips and cheese. Easy as reciting a sonnet perhaps even simpler really. The main thing to remember is a picnic rug and blanket.

Step 3. If you can get there before your beloved, then do! Find a nice spot, set up your picnic rug, hire a chair ($5 from the box office staff) and let the staff know you are here to impress that someone special. It is not always possible, but when we can arrange a little bit of audience humiliation.. oops! We mean interacting. We do!

Step 4. Finally, you can relax as the show starts up and begin to count all of the brownie points you have just earnt. Congratulations on supplying the date of the year.


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