The Australian Shakespeare Company – Shakespeare Under The Stars, The Wind in the Willows and other outdoor theatre!

Welcome to the Australian Shakespeare Company

Based in Melbourne, We present exciting, accessible and contemporary productions of Shakespeare, Children Classics, Musicals and other plays in innovative and unique theatre performances. Find out more about us


Athenaeum Theatre 2 

Professor Higgins bets he can transform the life of a flower girl by helping her learn to speak proper English rather than her cockney dialect.

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Comedy of Errors

Melbourne, Sale and Prague

Two sets of identical twins sons, each set with the same name, separated by shipwreck and war, end up years later in the same area of the same city on the same day…

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School Hoilday Program

Each school holidays the Australian Shakespeare Company holds drama workshops for Melbourne’s budding young performers.

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School Incursions

Tap into the experience and expertise of the Australian Shakespeare Company’s actors, directors and educators with our incursions for Drama, Theatre Studies and English students.

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